Primal International Olympic Bar.

This is it.

After two years of painstaking research, development, testing and refining we have finally arrived.

Here's the important stuff;

1. The Steel.

We went right back to the drawing board on this one. We researched the best bars on the market and broke it right done - not just what kind of steel but down to the specific mill. We are talking raw material.

In the end we sourced our steel from Lasalle in Illinois, USA. A very specific steel that is only produced by this specific mill. Why this mill and this steel? Because this is the same mill and same steel as used by Rogue Fitness. The first iteration of the Rogue Ohio bar utilised ETD150 steel - and so does the Primal International Bar. Same steel from the very same mill. If you want the best product you have to start with the best raw ingredients.

This is a bar with a true tensile strength of 165k PSI - a number provided by the mill itself. They stand by it and so do we. 

After two years studying steel I know this - be very wary of bars with '1500lb' ratings or tensile strength numbers that cant be backed up. Ask for proof. Know what you are buying.

The Mens bar is 28mm shaft, the Womens a 25mm diameter shaft. Milled to within +/- 0.2mm

How straight is it -  the bars have been milled to have a maximum vairance of .006”/Ft. That is industry leading standard.

2. The Sleeves.

The sleeves are hardened chrome with a groove finish providing maximum plate grip, designed for standrda olympic weights.

Bronze bushings for smooth and reliable rotation.

Dual snap ring lock - no bolts, no weakness, no problems.

3. The Knurl & Finish

Knurling is an artform, not a science. We tested and tested, making adjustments in the order of tenths of a mm to get the right feel. 

The knurling is in a traditional IWF layout with no centre knurl. 

The finish is an industry first - matte black molybdenum-ferro coat. Gives a beautiful finish whilst retaining a raw steel feel. Leaves the knurling clear and ready.


Why Call it the International?

US Steel - milled and machined in the US

All engineering, knurling and coating is done in New Zealand.

Assembled by hand here in Australia - the very best product we could produce whilst maintaining an unbelievable price.

These bars have travelled the globe - and now they are home.

Get yours.



We expect these bars to be used in a commercial crossfit or olympic lifting environment, garage gym or affiliate - that means bumper plates on a suitable floor. That means real clients in the real world using these bars day in and day out - hard and heavy. We own an Affiliate ourselves - we get it.

And after that we still guarantee these bars against bending for ten years. 

They are that good.



SKU bb20
Brand Primal
Shipping Weight 21.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 2.300m
Shipping Cubic 0.051750m3
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Primal International Barbell 20kg

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Best bar I've ever used.

29 December 2016
After setting up my home gym for Power Lifting training I bought two no brand bars that just bent within a week. Looking for a 'top shelf' bar that I could really use properly I looked at Rouge and a few others. Nice bars but the money they ask for them is insane. Fan bois will not think twice about having a wall of 'Rouge' bars in their gym but I can't see $500/600 in those bars. A mate of mine asked me to have a look at the Primal bar stating the Rouge connection. For $250 I thought you can't go wrong. I wasn't expecting Rouge quality but this bar IS and DOES give Rouge quality. Do NOT think this bar is a hype and just a 'cheap' copy. It's a legit bar with real strength that I have used four days a week every week for a year now. Zero bend. If you want a 'Rouge' bar that matches your rouge t-shirt, jump boxs and sox, buy Rouge. If you want the same quality in a REAL bar for half the price, buy Primal. And YES, I will be buying another one.

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