Looking for a Pull Up Rig?

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Pull Up Rigs

Looking for a new Rig?

Before you lay out some of your hard earned cash - here's a few things to consider!

A pull up rig for your Box is a big commitment - not just in terms of money but it can have a huge visual impact in your Box, your clients are going to become intimately familiar with it and as coaches you will want to extract every single ounce of use out of it. You don't want just a few uprights and bars - you want an epic masterpiece of primal jungle gym awesomeness. 

So before you run off and order the first thing that looks good here's a few points to consider.


Whether you're shopping for your Box or setting up a garage gym you want your Rig to serve multiple functions.
It needs to be easy to grow and expand as your Box does - most Boxes change venues mutiple times as they grow - you need a Rig that can travel with you - otherwise that's a very expensive scrap heap every few years.

So here's a few things to keep in mind:

1. Can you hang rings, ropes, cargo nets, monkey bars off of it?

Rigs with differing height options can provide you with the flexibility to hang rings, ropes, run monkey bars or more. Sometimes you don't always have a suitable roof structure to hang items from, or your roof is so far away that it becomes impractical. Having rings and ropes handy reduces the need for clients to run half way across the box to move between tasks or scaling options - if you're doing butterfly pull ups and I'm doing ring rows at least we can do it in the same space.

2. Does it work as a single or multiple squat rack stations?

Don't buy two pieces of equipment when you can buy one. Occasionally it may not be practical to have people squatting in the same space as people trying to do bar muscle ups - but for a lot of the time having the flexibility to use your Rig in a multitude of ways is a winner. Check the j-hooks and spotting arms - are they solid, easy to move and well padded to protect your bars.

3. Can you accomodate clients of differing heights easliy?

Sounds simple but knowing that if you end up with Shaq and the little guy from Austin Powers in your class you don't need to take time moving plyo boxes to build a stair case - and Shaq doesn't have to drag his feet every time he swings. Having multiple height stations saves you time, your clients time and provides a better workout experience.

4. Depth and width

Having uprights with holes on all four sides gives you the option to expand both lengthwise and widthwise, don't limit your options.

Boring rig...

Not so boring..

Rock Solid.

You get a full class of super keen gorillas trying to kip like their lives depend on it and you better hope your Rig is rock solid. 

Get big feet - some rigs have very small base plates, we build our Rigs with base plates 30% larger than average and 15% heavier. A base plate that extends all the way around - so it's a square not a rectangle - will also bolster your stability.

Steel size - uprights vary in width 50mmx50mm, 60mmx60mm and 75mmx75mm are fairly common options. I wouldn't loose alot of sleep here - 60x60 and 75x75 are ideal, particularly as you go higher but the difference isn't maximal. Also check out the steel thickness - we use 11 gauge steel (3mm thick) and I wouldn't recommend anything less.

Beam Me Up - make sure your support beams are not only solid but are independant of the chin up bars. Some rigs have a chin up bar and support bar/beam as a single unit which seriously limits the adaptability of your rig. Independant beams allows you to move chin up bars as you need without sacrificing stability. Our Chin Up bars are also solid core steel - meaning they not only stand the test of time but they also deliver another level of stability to your Rig - win:win.

Get some feet..

Consider the accessories.

If your Rig is going to stand the test of time (and it should!) then there's a good chance it'll need to do more than just be the standard CrossFit style Rig. WIth every man and his dog hitting up obstacle races these days - can you set up monkey bars series, can you have incline or decline bars, can you hang cargo nets? What will it need to do 5 years from now?

Do your Homework.

Talk to suppliers, get some quotes, get some design picks - your Rig should be awesome!
Talk to your coaches, members, get out to other boxes and see what they use, what's worked for them, what do they wished they had done differently. Use the community to drive improvements - ultimately everyone benefits.

Look beyond how you use it now and make sure that your investment is delivering for years to come.


Drop us a line if you're after a quote for your own epic masterpiece of primal jungle gym awesomeness - sales@primalequipment.com.au.

Primal Equipment is an Australian Equipment supplier specialising in CrossFit equipment. We run our own Affiliate and are active Crossfitters ourselves - so we get it, if you're spending your hard earned cash on gear, you want it to deliver - every time. 

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